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 A Digital, Undated, Weekly Planner made by Freelancers for Freelancers

"A simple but powerful Tool to

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Have More Free Time for You"

The Freelance Digital Planner has different sections, easily reachable with hyperlinks, that will help you organize better, stick to your plan, build stronger habits and track your progress.

Special Sections

The Freelance Digital Planner System

Take a look at all the sections you can find in the Freelance Digital Planner.

Follow the system and see the results!

What do you want to achieve in 12 months? Where do you want to be? Define your Annual Goals following the SMART framework. Review them in the specific page.

Divide your Annual Goals into Quarterly Goals. This will help you see things clear. Set up your priorities and work on them first. At the end of the Quarter, review how it went.

Be more specific. Every month you can reach smaller goals that will bring you where you are headed. Sometimes things change and you want to set up new goals. Do it here!

You need to perform a Task to reach a Goal. Weekly Tasks are the foundations of the System. Some Tasks are recurring, some are not. Track them and progress. 

Habits are very important for a Freelancer's lifestyle. Your personal life MUST be taken into account when you are the manager of your time. Habit tracker is daily in Weekly pages.

A Freelancer often read many Books, enroll in Courses and buy different Tools to be always up to date and more efficient. These Special Pages will help you have an overview of this.

How it works

The Freelancer Digital Planner is a DIGITAL Product: You can Buy and Download it IMMEDIATELY!

It's UNDATED, so you can use it every year (just Copy & Paste) and start using it when you want, there's no need to wait for next January!

Use it on your favourite device: iPad, Tablet, Mobile and also Desktop with your favourite PDF-editor App

Compatible Apps: Goodnotes (iOS), Notability (iOS), Noteshelf (iOS, Android, Microsoft), Xodo (iOS, Android, Microsoft), Drawboard PDF (Windows 10)

Use Hyperlinks to browse easily between pages.

Save your edited Freelancer Digital Planner on the Cloud to sync across devices (if your App doesn't do it natively)


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"The simplicity of the Freelance Digital Planner helped me become more productive and get things done. In less time!"

Freelancers who started planning better, say:


"I am obsessed! I’ve been looking for a freelancer planner that has everything for a long time now. When I saw this I was overly happy and knew I had to purchase. Not only is the price great but it’s also really simple to use. The aesthetic is simple and I’m already starting to organise my business!"


"The best freelance planner I’ve ever had. Before I started digital planning I was spending $60+ on paper planners and workbook every year. I love that even though it is a freelancer planner it also gives space for daily habits. I would highly recommend it."


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“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the Freelancer Digital Planner helped me become more productive and work less hours. My family and friends also thanks!” 

Eric C.

Frequently Asked Questions..

What kind of file I will get?

The Freelance Digital Planner format is PDF. You can use it with your favourite PDF editor App as Goodnotes (iOS), Notability (iOS), Noteshelf (iOS, Android, Microsoft), Xodo (iOS, Android, Microsoft), Drawboard PDF (Windows 10), etc...

Why is it only €19.70?

The price for "The Freelance Digital Planner" is normally €39.90... BUT as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, we are giving it away for the special price of just €19.70.

Naturally it's a limited offer, so grab it now while you still can!

What does "Undated" mean?

It means that you can add your date to every specific page. That gives you the opportunity to start planning NOW (you don't have to wait for January 1) and also you can use it every year (just copy and paste the original file)

Which device I need to use the Freelance Digital Planner?

You can use it on every device, but probably the best choice is an iPad or Tablet with a Pencil, if you want to handwrite.
Still you can also use it on your Laptop, PC or Smartphone with your PDF editor App.






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